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You Are Going to Miss Work


We're gonna take one more step toward your retirement adventure. 

You and I learned long ago that you can't get on down the road without taking the right stuff. Knowing what to take means that you've been forewarned about dangers that you could encounter on your journey.

That's probably why this young man has his best friend under one arm and I bet a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in that bright red satchel. He wouldn't want to get caught out without those essentials. Like this young man, you don't want to be surprised and not prepared. 


So in this first lesson of the series, I'm introducing one of the biggest retirement surprises.


You're gonna miss work.


I did not say that you'll miss that busybody down the hall. Every job has people with behaviors you just won't miss. Every job has tasks or bosses or deadlines that you might not miss either, but you might just miss the work itself.

A while back, my doctor retired. He almost cried when he told me he was retiring. And he said, "I've never done anything else." He was gonna miss work.

When my wife retired, she took a part time job with her. The recession of 2008 not only made a financial impact on people. It forced many companies to cut back. Crys became another cutback. She said, "I spent my entire career learning to do these projects well; I didn't want to give that up. These tasks are part of who I am."

My wife and my former doctor had something in common. They loved their work and, more importantly, giving it up was a great loss for each of them.

You now know the first question to ask yourself: Will you miss work?

However. We're not done exploring this issue just yet. A surprise within a surprise—you may miss far more than the work itself!

Meaning Box.png
Structure Box.png
Identity Box.png
Challenge Box.png
Friends Box.png
Influence Box.png

These seven words identify components of work that we often don't think about. They're just background. We don't rush from the break room making noises like I'm going back to my desk and meet the next challenge. But when you leave work behind, if you don't find new ways to regain these hidden underlying elements, you shortchange yourself.


You will miss work. And you may not even recognize why.

Don't let surprises turn you away from the retirement you deserve.

Come join me.

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