Filling the Hole Where Work Used To Be: Whether you miss work or you ran out the door with a cheer, you face one big problem: What will you do with yourself? You don’t have to flail around hunting for things to do; Ed will see that you have some clear idea of the kinds of things that can make a big difference to your quality of life. This video will help you learn to focus your chosen efforts into three meaningful channels.

Exceptional Experiences Make Extraordinary Memories: Exceptional experiences are built from memorable moments, memorable moments help you not only connect with others, but also improve your experiences with friends and family. Memorable moments are enriching. They had joy, understanding and meaning. And while some memorable moments may just appear in your life, seemingly through no effort on your part, you also have the power to craft them.


In this video, we're going to be talking about the building blocks you can use and just how they fit together to make memories exceptional.

Why Get Out of Bed:

o one wants to waste their retirement or spend it on busyness for the sake of being busy. How do you figure out what kinds of activities in your life are worth doing? To YOU. Join Ed for this presentation of practical suggestions you can start today that will make your retirement worth doing.

If your retirement has so little to recommend it that you have trouble finding a reason to even get out of bed, this video is for you. Watch here for other important reasons.

I See By Your Outfit:

A uniform often comes with expectations, behaviors, and values. If you spend a lifetime wearing all those things, what happens when the uniform gets hung up in the closet at retirement? Does everything else get hung up too? Join Ed for his outline of what to watch for and think about. All is not lost; you've met transition challenges before; come find out how to meet this one.

What They Don’t Tell You at the Retirement Party, the first chapter in my book, Retire to Play and Purpose. It will unpack 17 of the top benefits people don’t often realize they get from work. Rather than miss out when you leave I will help you discover new ways to recover these benefits without having to work!

And, it just might give you a range of ideas about the kinds of things you might pursue in your retirement.

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