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Why Get Out of Bed?

You probably

don't want to spend all your time watching TV or be so frenetic that you have no time at all to even watch TV.

But the real problem is often knowing why to get out of bed at all. If you had an answer to that, you wouldn't need to watch TV all day or be so busy you have limited sense that any of what you're doing is fulfilling.

How do you know what's important to you? How did you find out? This Kickstart video is packed with vital practical ideas. It can help you answer both of these pressing questions and give you a clear direction of where to start.


Big Problem

Good Time






Here is what I will do for you:

  • Identify the biggest problem

  • Point you to two key strategies to focus on what's right for you 

  • Alert you to one danger and a good-time antidote 

  • Caution you on 3 things to avoid 

  • Give you 3 insightful ideas for making choices suited to you

  • Target the one big thing you should do first

in their new book, Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans offer a blueprint for a new design. Turns out "blueprint" is exactly the right word.

They encourage you to treat
your new phase of life as a designer or architect might approach a new project. That would include steps like experimentation, way-finding, prototyping, constant iteration.

What's the goal? To find joy in four areas of life: Health, Work, Play and Love.

The Biggest Problem?

With so many things

to choose from, it's 

hard to know what's

right. For You!

In this video, we'll address that problem to help you identify what stands out. Let's talk about two possible ways to actually measure the kinds of activities in your life that do make a difference... you!

Join Me!


Kickstart Video Starts Here

Start here: Click on the “Why Get Out of Bed,” $-icon. Watch the Kickstart video. Not yet convinced? Click on the “Watch Preview,” >-icon for a 20-second appetizer. 

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