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The Original Couch Potato

I’m the original couch potato. I’m fairly certain that the phrase was coined with my body type in mind. Today I'm different. Here's how.

Lay One Brick Today

Rome was not built in a day. But they were laying bricks every day. A very good tip to keep going.

Moving: Where to Begin

When we have one major change in our lives, it is common to have others close by, like dominoes falling. With retirement often comes a move.

Moving: Staging Everything

Moving Day: A house only becomes empty by someone physically picking up every single item and putting it somewhere else.

A Move You Didn't Count On

Aging in place is fine for now, but physical mobility can easily become compromised. At that point what will the family do?

What Energizes You?

If you want to find something to do in retirement or feel bored with the daily hum drum, this little tip will give you a boost.

COVID-19: The Multifunctional Backsliding Tool and Lubricant

I am sensing a pattern. I was doing well. Then I wasn’t. Recovery today feels like an uphill struggle. Doesn't it?

Moving: Involving a Team

With planning many hands can make light work, particularly at moving time. Some jobs are just suited for a team.

Moving: Getting From Hither to Yon

After making the decision to move and preparing your house for packing, it is time to get from Point A to Point B. Let the fun begin!