052 Crys Zinkiewicz–Hershey, Here! at Saddle Up!

January 24, 2018


 From Rider to Writer—With a Little “Help” 


Passionate about horses, Crys Zinkiewicz found a great place to volunteer and then she discovered Hershey! Hershey is a go-to horse at Saddle Up!, a therapeutic riding center for children with disabilities. Known for his versatility and willingness, Hershey is also famous for his funny “smile” after a peppermint treat. Now he’s even more famous as an ambassador for Saddle Up!, thanks to Crys.


The two of them are Pony Pals, but they’ve also “collaborated” to write a book about Saddle Up! Hershey tells his perspective on his life at Saddle Up! and its various programs. Crys comes along to “fill in the details.” The proceeds from the resulting 148-page book go to support the organization, but even more importantly the book and Crys’s speaking opportunities raise awareness of the “magic” of horses in programs across the country like Saddle Up!


With a background as an editor in a publishing company, Crys volunteered her professional skills to meet the challenge. She also pulled together a team of people (designer, photographers, marketers, web designer, business manager, and even musicians) who donated their time, talent, and professional experience to create the book. 


For more about Saddle Up! go to saddleupnashville.org. Be sure to watch the video on the home page. You’ll meet Hershey and Crys, and you’ll learn more about this amazing organization. 


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