018 Margaret Smith—Volunteering with Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary

May 31, 2017

Owl’s Hill Nature Sanctuary—Spreading an Appreciation and

Enjoyment of Nature


Since childhood Margaret Smith has cherished nature. Her maternal grandmother lived on the Cumberland River bluffs and introduced her to the world of nature through flowers and animals and the habitat they need to live. Discussions and breakfasts on the bluffs with her grandmother proved to be instrumental in Margaret’s love of nature.


After college Margaret taught elementary school, later married, had two children and went to graduate school in 1980.  She graduated with a doctorate and maintained a practice in psychology for 26 years. After taking her grandchildren to enjoy the nature sanctuary’s “hot chocolate tour,” she started volunteering at Owl's Hill. Later Margaret enrolled in Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s naturalist program and now is known as a Master Naturalist.


Owl’s Hill is waiting to be discovered by nature lovers as well as those who haven’t yet discovered they are! The staff is eager to share their awareness, knowledge, and skill. With many environmental-education programs offered for all ages, volunteers are especially important.


To learn more about volunteering at Owl’s Hill, visit www.owlshill.org.



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