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The Original Couch Potato

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Did you know the sloth makes its slow way to the ground once every 48 hours or so to “make use of the facilities?” Otherwise, they stay there, resting up for the next trip. While that might be a good argument for sloths being the original couch potato,

I know better.

I’m the original couch potato. I’m fairly certain that the phrase was coined with my body type in mind, my daily non-routine outlined, and my exercise schedule noted. I did little, enjoyed doing even less, and had but a minimal interest in changing.

Today things are different. I work out at least 2 days a week, walk most every day, actually enjoy activity, and keep going because it feels good. And, largely through portion control, my weight is at a good level.

I know this introduction begins to sound like another one of those “brag your way to selling something” advertisements you see everywhere. There are quite a few differences, however.

  • I still don’t look like Hercules. I’m not muscled and don’t intend to be. That in itself belies the cover picture for ads. (Note to self: Could I get away with using a model?)

  • I’m not trying to run marathons. I’m not into athletic competition. However, I know that someone who starts from couch potato and is on the way to a marathon has to go through the stage I’m in.

What was the key to my transformation? I think in the final analysis it was shame. I no longer was happy with what I saw in the mirror. But worse yet, I didn’t want my new grandson to grow up with that heavier gentleman as a role model or a memory.

Oh, I went through a whole highway full of road-signs that should have been key to changing things. What do your road-signs look like?

  • Did you not worry when the new pants you bought needed to be larger around the waist than the last set? Ladies, how is your dress size working for you these days?

  • How often did you rail against wearing ties because the collar was too tight to close? Or, worse yet, you went shopping for collar extenders?