Stretch or Hurt: Your Choice

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

How do you like doing all those exercises? I have a tip for you. Do the exercises or hurt.

My wife’s cousin Carolyn shared a caution with us some years ago that I thought worth passing on. Here, I’ll read her email:

"I can stretch and workout or I can hurt." I know this. I've known it for twenty years. Yesterday I skipped it as I attempted to make every minute count, working on several projects. Sunday: nearly pain free. Yesterday: Tin Woodsman needing oil can. Today: wall-to-wall pain. Lesson: "I can stretch and workout or I can hurt." My choice.

These days I’m taking those words to heart. I like sitting at my desk writing these scripts, but if that’s all I do, I pay the same price Carolyn paid.

And I have to be intentional about exercising. I’m no good at doing it out of habit. I have to pack my work-out clothes the night before, put the gym shoes on first thing, and go to the gym before doing much of anything else.