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Spotlight on "Old": 5 Under-the-bed Monsters

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Dad had the very best remedy for tackling monsters under the bed. He would shine a light on them to see what they really looked like.

This monster called “OLD” has several disguises:

Becoming infirm

Running out of money


These are the big monsters worth thinking about all by themselves. Surprisingly, there are still other discussions of importance as well. Get out your flashlight and we'll take a look.

We can’t skip out on dying. Everybody does that. There is probably little point in worrying about something you can’t change.

What you can change, however, is how you live now so that you have a sense of peace. My wife’s grandmother would say, “I’m all prayed up.” Another family member said, “I’m ready to go any time.”

So I take heart and take steps. Reconcile with estranged friends. Eliminate potential for regret. Prepare a legacy for family; it can include money but more importantly stories and pictures. Help your family know what is important to you and, above all, make sure you tell them you love them.

As for money… the green monster? Haven’t you been broke before? If COVID-19 has done one thing for us, it has demonstrated how frugally we can live if we don’t go anywhere or eat out. Maybe those lessons are important. I do know that as you and I become less able, we do spend less time out and about where all the money changes hands.

As for infirm? I don’t like the thought much, but truth be told, I’m doing everything I can about it: eating right, exercising, making my doctor my confidant. And, I’m learning to adjust to new normals every day. My back is particularly vulnerable so I can feel the cost of aging mount almost regularly. Inexorably. So I make the best plans I can now knowing that I will be less able later.

Take, for example, the question of driving. You know some day that you’ll have to stop driving. Plan ahead and figure out what to do when it’s no longer safe to be on the road instead of waiting for your kids to start threatening to take your keys away. Like I said, lay