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My Spoon Playin' at Publix

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

...and more than you may have wanted to know about playing spoons. Happy Thanksgiving.

The lady bagging my groceries saw my cowboy hat and wondered, “Are you in the music biz?” Well, being the truthful type, I couldn’t say I really was. But, "I do play with a bluegrass band.” Well, then she was all happy and asked what I played. 

This question is always the difficult part of the conversation about music and bluegrass bands. You see, I play spoons. 

Most people have never heard the spoons played. Most have never seen them played. And so, there is always a little incredulity. Okay, well sometimes there is a lot of incredulity.

Hold on to your hat; here's what that looked like:

You can find it again using this link:

When I got done, the lady asked whether I’d written that song! (I wish.)

The cashier just shook his head in disbelief and said, “You’ll have to pardon my young friend. She just crawled out from under a rock.”

What could I say? He knew her better than I did.

I am deliberately publishing this blog near Thanksgiving because, truth be told, I'm grateful for having discovered spoon playing all those years ago. I'm also grateful for you. So from my "Rocky Top" to yours, I wish you a great Thanksgiving.