Our Oven Died. Again.

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

This wasn’t the first holiday turkey this oven had threatened to ruin–holing our holiday cheer in the balance. About fifteen years ago, the oven died on Christmas day. Time before last it died on Thanksgiving Day. Mid-turkey.

The last time it gave up the ghost, the oven had the decency to give us a little warning and died three weeks before Thanksgiving. Enough time to find out we could no longer find parts for a 33 year-old oven but not soon enough to get a new hole put in the cabinet to fit a replacement.

Our daughter stepped up to the plate and volunteered her oven. Bless you Ellen.

But at 5:15 on Thanksgiving morning she called. Her oven had died.

As it happened, Ellen’s oven failed late the night before in the middle of baking pies. She had to call so early to head off the turkey stuffing. You don’t want stuffing sitting around inside the bird for several hours waiting to find an oven!