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Moving: Staging Everything

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Moving: The Day of Reckoning Is Here!

Today I welcome Susan Gardner as a contributing author on a series of articles about moving. Whether you're moving cross-country to "be closer to the grandkids," finally going to your dream home, or finally going to a retirement community, you have to move. As our author would say, you get to "pick up every single item and put it somewhere else." Susan's expertise in this area is hard won. Enjoy this series.

-Ed Zinkiewicz

Nothing brings to light the clutter in a house more than moving. A house only becomes empty by someone physically picking up every single item and putting it somewhere else. The box stashed in the back closet will be opened, the bag of unfinished projects will not be ignored, and the strategically placed junk drawers will be emptied. Every piece of furniture will be moved somewhere. Every dust bunny will hop freely!

Professional organizer Peter Walsh describes two types of clutter that collect over years. “Memory clutter” is stuff, like an old school program or a newspaper clipping, that reminds you of important events. In the “someday clutter” category are items you don't toss because you “might need them someday.”

With the decision to move, “someday” has arrived. Either you need the item or you don’t. And with moving imminent, that fact holds true for memorabilia, as well. Whether you pack things yourself or have someone else pack, you have to make the decisions that set in motion the emptying of one place and moving things into another place. Indeed, the day of reckoning is here.

But, practically, how do you choose what to sell, donate, or “trash” among the things that you will no longer keep? Who wants your stuff and how do you get it out of the house?

To Sell

First, estimate the volume of all you hope to discard. When you look at broad categories of things, you can make long-range decisions. For instance, if you plan to sell a moderate to large number of it