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Moving: Getting From Hither to Yon

Updated: May 17, 2022

Today I welcome Susan Gardner as a contributing author on a series of articles about moving. Whether you're moving cross-country to "be closer to the grandkids," finally going to your dream home, or finally going to a retirement community, you have to move. As our author would say, you get to "pick up every single item and put it somewhere else." Susan's expertise in this area is hard won. Enjoy this series.

-Ed Zinkiewicz


After making the decision to move and preparing your house for packing, it is time to get from Point A to Point B. Here you pack, move, unpack and get settled. Let the fun begin!

Checklist and Team

Most moving companies offer a checklist that you can use to schedule the two months up to moving day. Here is a link to one at Real Simple. As you work with the checklist, you have options. Some tasks may need to be do-it-yourself; others can be hired out. Or you can do it all yourself or hire everything done for you. But no matter how you slice it, moving takes a team.

And you are the team leader, setting the pace and tone for everyone through your energy, direction, emotion, and engagement whether you are hiring most of the work or relying on family and friends. While family and friends can be a tremendous help, I recommend that you hire as much of the work done as you can afford unless you really love the the control DIY gives you.

Packing Tips

The lion’s share of the work is packing. Keep the job systematic and orderly, whether you are doing it yourself or having it done. Packing is most easily organized when you have made specific decisions about things that will be moved and where they will be placed in the new home.

Specific labeling and photos make the difference. Labeling every box, for example, “Den” or “Bedroom A,” is a good start. But if you want to take full advantage of the help your movers can give, be more specific. Label the walls in the rooms where things go, and also p