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COVID-19: The Multifunctional Backsliding Tool and Lubricant

Here we are again.

Back in 2014 I had knee surgery and described the recovery in my very first blog post. Yippee for the blog post.

A big raspberry for a new pain, however. This time it centered in the bursa area. In short… my butt hurt. Actually, a little more to the right. I don’t actually sit on it but I did lean on it a lot.

Now, 7 years later, I am sensing a pattern. I was doing well. Then I wasn’t. After what seems like forever, I feel like there actually might be some hope of recovery.

But boy is recovery hard. Last time I attributed that to inertia. Remember inertia? An object in motion tends to stay that way. An object at rest? Well. An object at rest is a goner.

Once you’ve lost your ability to move, it’s an uphill struggle to get started again. And just when I felt like I was meeting the challenge, COVID-19 intervened. Besides injury, you know what else doesn’t help? Isolation.

This problem couldn’t have come at a worse time. My normal go-to’s for

getting up, out, and going again were shut down. Thank you, COVID-19. No more gym. No more pool. No more friends who could say, “Come on let’s go!” Or “See you there.”

Backsliding is a third element in inertia; another big shout-out to COVID-19: The Multifunctional Backsliding Tool and Lubricant. I’m referring to people like me who achieved a relatively high level of activity–not world-class mind you—but who gradually let that activity slip away. With backsliding, a layer of embarrassment or shame can tamp down the recovery beca