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It's Weird Being the Same Age As Old People

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

My wife was swimming with a lady who complained of being “old.” Turned out she was 10 years younger than my wife.

Have you run into people who are “old?” Or, at least, they talk about themselves as old?

Not hard to find the “old” people. Seems to me I’ve encountered them most of my life. At least now, at age 77, I’m the right age. My grandfather, who always seemed to me to be old, died just prior to his 80th birthday. Surprise. Surprise. I’m sneaking up on his level of “old.” Last June sometime I zipped on by the average life expectancy for men in the United States, calculated at 76.1.

I think of myself as just the right age. I don’t think of myself as old.

How ‘bout you? Are you old? In conversations, do you refer to yourself as old?

I don’t think the problem here is mileage—how far we’ve come. And I certainly don’t feel old in the same way as the lady in the pool. I belong to a group whose three principal leaders are in their mid-80s. They’re still going strong, seem to be fully competent, and provide good leadership.