Your Christmas Buying Guide

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Let's give gifts to our loved ones despite COVID-19 restrictions and care for creation at the same time!

This post is a Christmas shopping list. And boy, that is far beyond the usual post for me. But... I believe it is very important that we consider caring for the world around us in as many ways as possible. Not only does that mean maintaining social distancing, it can include buying coffee, hand-soap, craft supplies, and more. So, when my wife put this list together, I asked her if I could share with you. This is the result.

You're likely to be searching for gifts this season, and you're probably hunting for ones that don't require you to frequent stores. So, here you have it; this list serves both. Shop away. Give a gift that keeps on giving.

In case you are interested, none of these organizations asked for my endorsement. None of them paid me (or my wife) to recommend them.

I've marked several of these with 🤠. That means that I have or do use them. (Remember me, I'm the guy with the cowboy hat.)

I've divided the list into two parts:

Remote — These items are available online. Shop anywhere.

Local — These items are available in the Nashville area. View these with an eye toward where you might find something similar near you.


Remote — These items are available online. Shop anywhere.

Caring for Food

If you are recognizing that plastic is not our friend, you’ll have a new friend in etee (Everything Touches Everything Else). And if you have people you love who eat food and have to clean up—at least occasionally, you’ll love shopping for them at, where you’ll find lots of great product choices that are plastic free from a company that values organic and creative and helping the planet. Check out the beeswax-plus food wraps and scrubbing loofahs. Visit

Cell Phone Cases and More 🤠

Like Earth, cell phones need protection. A Pela phone case is attractive, effective, and 100% compostable! When done with the case, don’t toss it—you can compost it or better yet send it back to Pela to recycle into new products. Plus, with a wide range of colors and styles, the case is a great conversation starter. Pela also donates 1% to ocean care and is certified climate neutral. Even better, if you sign up, you can receive free their “Every Day Eco,” a two-minute read with tips to avoid plastic and with inspiring stories about difference-makers. Be sure to watch the video when you visit

Home & Kitchen, Bath & Beauty

Those areas are the specialty of Eco Roots, but they could also note sustainability, practicality, and helpfulness. Not only are their products beneficial in reducing waste, especially single-use plastics, but Eco Roots also donates 1% of their sales to the Ocean Conservancy to fight plastic pollution there, which helps all of us on Earth. Check out the shampoo bars, produce bags, and their very helpful blogs. Visit

Clean Hands, Clean Dishes, Clean Laundry 🤠

These days everyone is washing their hands more frequently. Blueland’s hand soap comes with an attractive “Forever” bottle of stay-put-on-the-sink glass plus a tablet. You supply the water, drop the tablet in, and get several months of foaming hand soap. When you run out, just add water and another $2 tablet, which comes in recyclable packaging. It’s a gift that keeps giving! Blueland’s mission is to help eliminate plastics, especially from cleaning supplies. Visit Another option is

Ocean Jewelry and Other Stuff

Oceans are one of God’s natural forces that help the whole planet. However, crazy amounts of plastic damage the eco-systems, endanger marine life, and sabotage the effectiveness of the good that these amazing bodies of water do. Several companies raise funds for clean-up and conservation efforts through the sale of jewelry crafted from recycled plastic pulled from the sea and other ocean-themed items. Purchasing a bracelet, for example, and telling your gift recipient about the environmental issues straining our oceans and marine life, gives the wearer something to talk about to their friends too. Shop these sites:,,