Daisy Jabas—Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance—Providing Hope and How-To

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Daisy Jabas, Registered Nurse, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, and State Director for Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Tennessee, surprises people—not with her credentials but with a statistic: Mental illness is more prevalent than cancer, lung disease, and heart disease combined!

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance provides through their support groups a safe environment for individuals and for their families to share their stories and learn skills from the lived experience of others, as well as from medical professionals. Those who suffer discover they are not alone, there is hope, and life can and will get better.

Daisy also surprises people when she tells audiences that all of the people working in this Tennessee division of the Alliance are volunteers, including Daisy. The range of opportunities is wide, from helping get literature out about the program, speaking to groups, serving at events, calling back inquirers, transporting persons to support groups, working in the office, maintaining the website, to facilitating the support groups. Volunteers can choose short-term or long-term service options to fit their own interests, knowing that all contribute to greater well-being for those who suffer.

For more information visit www.dbsa-tn.org, email hopefordepressionandbipolar@gmail.com, or google “depression.”

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