Betti Lose—Christmas Adoption

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Joyfully Serving the Community—St. Luke’s Community House During Christmas

Community volunteer Betti Lose goes above and beyond in everything she does, including assisting at St. Luke’s Community House where she received the Joe Sowell Legacy Volunteer Award, their highest recognition given to people who give their time, talent, and heart to help those in need.

Betti enjoys the variety of opportunities at St. Luke’s to help the many people served by that organization, and especially the annual Christmas Adopt-a-Family program.

During the Christmas season, volunteer donors can “adopt” a family and purchase modest gifts for the children and parents. Families pay $5 to register for the program. St. Luke’s hosts a Christmas House where families can pick up the gifts.

For additional information, visit St. Luke’s website or call the front desk at 615-350-7893. Or contact Christie Bearden, Volunteer and Community Engagement Manager, directly at 615-324-8375 or

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