Cecelia Schlagheck—Leading the Way, Finding the Means

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

If a group needs it done, Cecilia can do it!

Starting with the T-shirt sales at the elementary school and on through running the Halloween bazaars of the older students, Cecilia, then a stay-at-home mom, saw firsthand the need not just for fundraising but specifically for someone to take a leadership role assisting others on “ways and means” committees. Since then, Cecelia has had a steady stream of helping create successful events, both working with students and with other adults:

  • As a teacher she became the Junior Class sponsor. She helped the students organize the junior-senior prom. Students had to choose a theme, create table arrangements, decide on the background for pictures, make decisions and carry out much more. Cecelia’s leadership gave students not only a successful event, but also a model for learning leadership themselves.

  • As a member of the Arnold Engineering Development Center Woman’s Club on the Air Force Base in Tullahoma, TN, Cecelia turned her attention to the annual Christmas Boutique. With her leadership, her team collected unwanted items, “reimagined” them, and then sold them. Proceeds funded needed scholarships.

Cecelia says, “For me working with others to find the ways and means is a rewarding activity. Not too many people will step up to lead. Many will help, when they can, but I can provide the vision and drive to help others find new and creative ways to earn monies especially for scholarship. Also, our upcoming leaders need a boost, and I am willing to do all I can to help them along.”

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