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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

There is Room in the Inn!

Room in the Inn (RITI) was formed when four congregations started working together in 1986 to shelter homeless people during the coldest months. Now nearly 190 congregations in Middle Tennessee provide safe haven overnight to nearly 1,400 men and women November through March. The rest of the year the organization offers emergency services, transitional support, and long-term solutions to help these people rebuild their lives.

West End United Methodist Church in Nashville is one of the participating congregations. Kay Gray and her husband, Buddy DeFord, coordinate Room in the Inn at that location. Kay speaks highly of the service through the winter months at her church. She says, “I sleep better at night knowing I’m doing some little something to help those who otherwise would have to sleep out on park benches.”

Retiring after 37 years as a pastor herself, Kay also knows the importance of inviting others to serve. Room in the Inn is a ministry that can use the time, talents, and caring of many people at whatever level they are able to help. To paraphrase a proverb: “It takes a congregation...”!

Information about Room In The Inn can be found at roomintheinn.org.

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