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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Horsing Around–Good for Kids and Volunteers

“Mom, go ride your horse—you’ll be a nicer person!” For years, family members knew the value of horseback riding for Crys Zinkiewicz. Being outside, with her horse, riding with friends, having fun—all added up to a calmer, stronger, happier Mom. When she retired, Crys followed her passion for horses to Saddle Up!, a therapeutic riding center for children with disabilities.

“I didn’t know much about kids with special needs,” she admits, “but I knew I could clean stalls if nothing else. However, the training at Saddle Up! gave me the confidence I needed. My nine years as a volunteer there have been wonderful. I know how being with horses has helped me through the years, and now I also see the ‘magic’ they work again and again with the children.”

Saddle Up! has been helping children for more than 25 years. Starting with only ten children, four borrowed horses, and four volunteers, the program now regularly serves more than 250 children each year. To do so takes 500 volunteers! Horse experience is not required. Neither is experience with children with disabilities. A wide variety of volunteer opportunities, with varying time commitments, excellent training, and continuing support for volunteers make Saddle Up! a great place to give back.

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