Bill Farris–Tools for Schools

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Schools use volunteers to build cabinets and other supplies for the classroom

It didn’t take Bill Farris long to find his second profession. The day after retiring from the banking business, he signed on the “dotted line” as a volunteer at Nashville Tools for Schools. Following his passion to give back to the community and to use his skills with hammer and nail, Bill volunteers three days a week with a like-minded group committed to small maintenance and construction projects within our public schools.

Nashville Tools for Schools projects range from building desks and installing shelving to other light construction jobs. The volunteer organization exists to provide the best possible learning environment for the young people and to demonstrate the community’s dedication to the educational system. Their projects empower school children, protect school resources, and save money!

Bill says, "We want to give each and every student in the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools the best education possible. That means each and every student deserves the proper supplies and equipment needed for a quality education."

Over the years these volunteers have completed more than 900 projects in more than 95 school facilities. Former Mayor Karl Dean acknowledged these volunteers’ efforts by saying, “Thank you for your organization’s commitment to our public schools. The efforts of Nashville Tools for Schools are far reaching, impacting future generations of students. This type of public-private partnership is successful because of those who lead the effort. Thank you for your leadership.”

For more information call 615.442.6837(NTFS) and/or visit

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