Everett Davis Coaches Blind Golfers

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Volunteering to play golf is the ideal retirement activity for Everett

With the “eyes” of Everett Davis, David Meador (blind since 19 years of age) has not only played golf, but also won major national championships!

Everett, an avid golfer, enjoys both the game and helping those who share his passion but who can’t see the ball. Understandably, a limited-sight player requires help driving on the course and being directed to the tee, not to mention assistance lining up for a putt or approach shot. Having a sighted volunteer keeps the blind player in the game!

Most of the USGA rules apply to golfing for the blind, but, for example, the grounding of the golfer’s club in the sand trap and the line-of-putt have different rules. Everett points out that volunteers must know the game as well as the rules as well as be in good physical shape. Currently he serves as Handicap Chairman for the United States Blind Golf Association, as well as a member of the Election and the Hall of Fame committees.

The United States Blind Golf Association is an organization for individuals with visual impairments to learn, play, and even compete in the game of golf. Through youth and adult clinics and championship tournaments, the Association brings skills, values, and opportunities that make a lifelong difference. Their tagline: “You don’t have to see it, to tee it!”

To learn more about US Blind Golf Association, visit their website: www.usblindgolf.com.

Information about the International Blind Golf Association can be found on their website: www.internationalblindgolf.com.

As mentioned in this episode, Ed Zinkiewicz will be glad to connect you with Everett if you want more detail from someone who has done this. Just contact Ed at edz@retire-to.com.

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