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3 Video Sets

Give your retirement a kickstart by

  • Seeing What's at Stake leaving work to face a long retirement.

  • Learning what not to expect or plan to do as well as guides for planning.

  • Begin your training of much-needed retirement skills.

Virtual Team Meeting

3 Workshops

Workshops are dives into the challenges and possibilities of retirement and aging:

  • 4 One-hour sessions to launch a retirement plan suited for you.

  • 4 One-hour sessions to challenge the difficulties of aging: Running out of money, Becoming dependent, and Death and Dying

  • 4 One-hour sessions selected from the other 8 topics.

These sessions are scheduled weekly. 

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3 Coaching Options

Meet with Ed, explore options, plan for the future:

Free 30-minute kickstart planning session

Four 1-Hour Weekly sessions to plan what's to come

1-Hour coaching sessions paid by the month

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How you can make purpose, find friends, and keep active in your retirement.

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