Week 1 -

Welcome Mattielyn

In our first week, you have 3 assignments:

  1. Review the "Drivers" exercise. Do "Pass 1" ONLY - take your time. You can do the first pass quickly but take your time to review. It is important to ask yourself, "Do I see Mattielyn in this or not?" For example, I can see where a judge may very well value "Problem solving". Can you see you sharing that value?

     We are going to spend a portion of your time each session dealing with the items on this list. Will the real Mattielyn please stand up?

  2. Do you agree with Dr. Moynes?


Wath the "False Starts" and "False Expectations" videos

Week 2 - Re-Imagine
Welcome to
The New 3Rs of Retirement

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Re-Imagine what retirement can mean and offer a new and improved version over what your parents, grandparents, or co-workers did.



Re-Create a new understanding of yourself as you explore a new profile of activity and meaning that stems from who you are and where you come from. 

Vegetable Garden


Re-Engage in a self-improved lifestyle that encourages curiosity, activity, empathy, and involvement that give meaning and purpose to your new life.

Let's Re-Imagine

Step 1) Please watch these videos

   Not all videos have exercises but be sure and do the exercises if they are suggested.

Step 2) Find out more about retirement from retirees you know.

    Suggestion: Interview at least 2 retirees and quiz them about how their retirement is really going. We're not necessarily interested in how that cruise went or how the grandkids are as we are interested in what went wrong and what's going right.

  •     Have you experienced any surprises?

  •     Have you run out of things to do? If so, what did you do about it?

  •     What has worked out well?

  •     How has your retirement differed from what you thought it was going to be?

Go back to Chapter 1 of Retire-to Play and Purpose entitled "What They Don't Tell You at the Retirement Party."   This chapter is full of stories about what retirees found surprising. It may even spark some questions you can use when you talk to others.

Don't stop interviewing. You can do this the rest of your life. Talk to people who've been there, who've walked the walk. 

Step 3) Start re-imagining what you can do in retirement   

Suggestion: You now have a handle on what "drives" you. In fact you have at least a top five. These five reflect who you've become. When you work, you got to do a series of activities that built on your drivers at the time.

The questions is, what are you doing now that speak to the top five now?

Watch the following video. It will give you a handle on 

Just so you know, Jeri Sedlar gave Crys and me permission to use the "drivers" exercise when we do a New 3R's of Retirement course. You don't have to supply a purchase receipt.

Step 4) Prepare for our next session by thinking about what you've done

This "Re-Create" section is all about figuring out what to do in your retirement.

Suggestion: Let's explore the kinds of things that have been important to you in the past. 

Take out pen and paper and divide it into six year increments:

1-6   7-12  13-18   19-24 and so on. Past 24, use 10 year increments.

The idea is to identify things that you did at that age which were important to you.That you were excited about. For example, at age 5 or 6 I bet you started school. Was that a favorite. My wife didn't get to get out as much as other kids but she did look out the window of her room and saw horses. Her memories of "thinking about horse-back riding" eventually propelled her into riding for nearly 50 years as an adult.


What are your memories?   

That's probably enough to keep you busy until lesson 3.