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Retirement Suprises

You Are Going to Miss Work

Three secrets for mating your best self to retirement.

You Will Need a Whole New Set of Friends

From "Where did they go?" to "How do I get more?".

How do I Find 'em, Meet 'em, Make 'em, Keep 'em?

Retirement Will Take Longer Than You Think

Three secrets for mating your best self to retirement.

Retirement Skills

Making Tough Choices

Avoiding the 4 major pitfalls of retirement decisions

(Should I move closer to my grandkids?)

Building Your Go-Do Platform

Staying Active Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually

Facing Getting Older

Running out of money, Death and Dying, Becoming Dependent

Retirement Challenges

What Will I Do Each Day, Month, Year?

Tackling everyday tasks and needs while building exceptional memories.

Where to start to fill the hole where work used to be.

My Options for Meaning and Purpose

Going from busy to engaged.

What to Avoid and What to Do First

Don't start your retirement by stepping on a landmine.

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