Are You Ready To Fill the Hole?


Retirement Can Be Tough

It can seem like a huge hole, the one where work used to be? Filling that hole can be daunting.

Retirement may feel more like a loss. You find yourself on a path bound for nowhere.

You can even lose sleep wondering about the next step.

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With These Videos You Can

Turn that huge hole into a place of hope and promise

Build a map that will give you a sense of direction.

Get some rest so you can get on your way.

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Video 1

The first video is called Filling the Hole Where Work Used to Be.

It will help you learn to focus your chosen efforts into three meaningful channels.

Video 2

Exceptional Experiences Make Extraordinary Memories is video number 2.
You want your life to matter. A key component of your legacy is memories that matter. This video will teach the 5 ingredients that can make that possible.

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Video 3

Video 3 is called Why Get Out of Bed.
The insider strategies you lean here can propel you out of bed and into a meaningful, exciting day.



Normally $200, these 3 videos are yours for the low price of $120, a 40% discount!


Why such an offer, because I want to introduce myself to you as someone who delivers value that can make a difference to your quality of life after you leave work. 

Just to emphasize that I do care about value, you’ll also receive the following bonuses:

Well Organized Closet

Video 4

Video 4: I See by Your Outfit. It offers a look into how you can create a new and richer identity after hanging your uniform in the closet when you leave work behind.

Bonus 1

Video 3

Video 3 is called Why Get Out of Bed.
The insider strategies you lean here can propel you out of bed and into a meaningful, exciting day.


What They Don’t Teach You at the Retirement Party, the first chapter in my book, Retire to Play and Purpose. It will unpack 17 of the top benefits people don’t often realize they get from work. Rather than miss out when you leave I will help you discover new ways to recover these benefits without having to work!

Bonus 2



Limited Time Only

The $120 package is a limited time offer. The price will increase soon.


Even so, if in 30 days you don’t feel these materials have made a difference, if you have seen all the videos and read the book chapter and still come away with absolutely no helpful ideas about where to go, I’ll refund your purchase price. 

  Click the Buy Now button. Let’s get started. Your retirement adventure awaits.

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