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What do retirees do all day?



3 Ways to Kickstart Your Retirement

Learn and Grow


Learn and Grow

Plan, Design, Act



Let's Live Together: Part 2 Being Responsive

When my wife and I retired we were thrust together, facing each other day in and day out. Now what? Let's talk being responsive.

Let's Live Together: Part 2                Being Responsive


Becoming a Burden

Becoming a Burden

October 26, 2021 2 PM Central, join financial advisor Bryan De Cuir and retirement coach Ed Zinkiewicz as we explore 4 helpful strategies to lesson our burden and stave off our fear of losing our independence.

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Most of us are wise enough to prepare for retirement financially, but Ed asks and helps us answer other essential questions such as are we prepared mentally and emotionally for retirement; have we thought beyond that first month, year or even five years of retirement. Ed will provide thought provoking questions, guidelines and practical exercises to help get you prepared. 


"Ed is THE person for coaching you through the transition from worklife to retirement. He is a wealth of knowledge for all things retirement, including personal and professional relationships, physical and mental health, activity, etc."


Consulting with Ed helped me think through the challenges and joys of retirement. I am now aware of the wide variety of volunteer opportunities and can choose the ones that suit me best.  It is also great to begin retirement with a plan in place.


Ed has done an excellent job putting together a great retirement coaching/counseling program. His presentations, exercises, and our conversations have provided a great reflection opportunity. I got to focus on where I am currently in life related to work and where I am going from here.  I have gained knowledge, support, and direction for what I need to do as I get older.

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"I can help you find purpose, make friends, keep active, and meet the challenges of aging. You don't have to do everything on your own!" 

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